Service Call Process

Unfortunately things can go wrong. However if any problems occur to your products while covered by our guarantee, we will fix it free of charge. Sometimes the job might be greater than 2 years old, or an accident occurred which isn’t covered by our guarantee. When that happens Advantage can carry out a service call for a fee.

Letting Us Know

The first step when something goes wrong is to contact Advantage Screens & Blinds. We can’t fix it if we don’t know it is broke. Contact us via phone, email, or drop into the office for a visit. We will arrange a time that suits you for either a sales consultant or an installer to look at the problem, depending on what is wrong.

We’ll Take A Look

At the arranged time, our consultant will arrive at your home and assess the problem. They will let you know what is required to fix the situation

What Next?

So what next? That can depend on the problem, and each job is different. Sometimes the fitter can fix it onsite straight away. Sometimes a part will need to be ordered in. Sometimes we will have to take the product in question back to the factory to be fixed or completely replaced. The time frame for all this can vary from job to job, as can the cost.

Problems covered under our 2 year guarantee will be fixed free of charge. Issues that occur outside of our guarantee will be charged for, however sometimes certain materials can be covered for by our supplier’s limited warranties. It really all depends on the product and the issue involved.

To Finish

When there are problems with product we have supplied, Advantage Screens & Blinds is committed to making things right for you.