Fabric Awnings

Fabric Awnings are external fabric window coverings that can also be fitted to patios and windows for soft sun protection. They are used to control light, radiant heat & weather and can provide some privacy. At Advantage Screens and Blinds we offer a wide range of canvas awnings styles and operation.

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Product Brochures

Some of the options available

  • Motorised controls and weather sensors available
  • Wide variety of fabrics to suit your colour pallet including Traditional Canvas, Woven Acrylics, Sunscreen, and CafĂ© PVC
  • Most styles are retractable/roll up or crank handle geared.
  • Matching Head Boxes and Cassettes also available
  • Metal Frame and tracks available in wide range of colours to suit

With a huge range of styles and a massive range of fabrics, we can arrange for our friendly sales staff to come to your home and help you choose the fabric awning for your home.

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