Hollands – Back In The Day

Did you have a Holland Blind in your room when you were a child? 

I did.  I would pull it down using a crocheted ring on a string and it would stop sometimes at the bottom of the window sill – or sometimes not so I pulled a little further trying to find the spring stop point and then I would run out of blind so I then tried to release the spring to put it back up a bit and after yanking on the cord several times the blind just shot up at such speed the cord pulled out of my hand and the blind then proceeded to spin on the roller until the spring fully unwound.

Then I would call out to my father ‘Dad my blind won’t work’. Dad would come into my room and scold me for pulling on the blind too far and tell me to be more careful. But I couldn’t get it to work correctly.  Dad then took the blind out of its brackets and re-tensioned the spring. 

I hated Holland Blinds and refused to use them in my own home when I grew up. 

Then along came Roller Blinds with a chain control at the side. This was wonderful and totally re-invented the Holland Blind. Available in lovely colours and patterns and not a spring insight, Roller Blinds became the great solution for many window dressing applications and is still the most popular window covering today.

Now we also have Aero soft spring roller blinds that are geared to give perfect roll control with ‘No Chain’ for best child safety eliminating the looped side chain. 

The Aero can have a wand down the side for easy access to the control over benches and hard to reach places, but also offers a fully wandless operation using the soft spring geared operation. 

Today’s Roller Blinds

Wonderful in so many ways.