Hollands – Back In The Day

Did you have a Holland Blind in your room when you were a child? 

I did.  I would pull it down using a crocheted ring on a string and it would stop sometimes at the bottom of the window sill – or sometimes not so I pulled a little further trying to find the spring stop point and then I would run out of blind so I then tried to release the spring to put it back up a bit and after yanking on the cord several times the blind just shot up at such speed the cord pulled out of my hand and the blind then proceeded to spin on the roller until the spring fully unwound.

Then I would call out to my father ‘Dad my blind won’t work’. Dad would come into my room and scold me for pulling on the blind too far and tell me to be more careful. But I couldn’t get it to work correctly.  Dad then took the blind out of its brackets and re-tensioned the spring. 

I hated Holland Blinds and refused to use them in my own home when I grew up. 

Then along came Roller Blinds with a chain control at the side. This was wonderful and totally re-invented the Holland Blind. Available in lovely colours and patterns and not a spring insight, Roller Blinds became the great solution for many window dressing applications and is still the most popular window covering today.

Now we also have Aero soft spring roller blinds that are geared to give perfect roll control with ‘No Chain’ for best child safety eliminating the looped side chain. 

The Aero can have a wand down the side for easy access to the control over benches and hard to reach places, but also offers a fully wandless operation using the soft spring geared operation. 

Wonderful in so many ways.

Home Safety Information

One of the benefits of choosing Advantage Screens & Blinds has always been quality, custom products which are made to your specifications and measured to fit your home. As we spend more time at home, privacy and security become more important, as does being comfortable and taking pleasure in our home environment.

However times of increased hygiene and social distancing can cause concerns when it comes to inviting our sales consultants and fitters into your precious home space. All our customers are important to us, so we have taken the following actions to ensure our time in your home causes you no alarm.

If you do have questions or concerns, please contact us on 4153 3322.

Outlook Mode Zero

What do you call a sunscreen fabric that blocks all the sun? The answer is…. now available!

Introducing the newest fabric to our fabric awnings, Mode Zero. Belonging to the Outlook range of sunscreens, Mode Zero has a 0% openness, which means light does not pass through the fabric. This makes for the perfect fabric to give you optimal privacy while being able to coordinate with the other sunscreen fabrics on your house where you do want to let the light shine through.

If Mode Zero could help you control the light and levels of privacy at your home, contact us to arrange a free measure and quote.

Palm Beach

One of our longest running fabrics has been improved and is now more affordable!

Palm Beach is a dream to handle in production, and performs beautifully when installed as a finished window blind.

Developments in manufacturing methods and coating formulation have resulted in;
• White foamed acrylic backing gives a smooth finish to the reverse of the blackout quality, which glides across the cutting table.
• Resistance to marking and fraying, and improved handle, lay flat and stability.
• Colours are intense, consistent, and due to the dying method mean no white lines down the cut edges.

Updated Colour Palette

The New Palm Beach colour range reflects current and forecast interior trends. Each colour is carefully developed to compliment the leading interior and design colour palettes of Modern Monochromes and Shades of Black.

The Palm Beach Range contains 12 blackout colours and 7 light filtering colours, and comes 3000mm wide. This lovely fabric range has also just dropped in price.

If you’d like Palm Beach in your house, contact us now to arrange a free measure and quote.

Introducing Gala

If you are looking for some fresh colours to brighten up your home, then our new fabric Gala is for you.

Available for Roller, Panel and Roman, it comes 3000mm wide and is classed as a blockout.

Take a break from conventional colour palettes and step into the world of Gala.

Featuring more than just modern monotones, Gala is an invitation for inspiration, created for the imagination. Sophisticated design – Beautiful colours – Australian Made.

If you think Gala might be for you, contact us today and we will come to your home for a free measure and quote.

Louvolite Fabric Launch

Have you heard about the Louvolite Fabric Range?

These beautiful fabrics enhance any room in your home. From everyday staples to fabrics that have that “WOW” factor, there’s something here to fall in love with.

And it’s not just the huge colour range. These fabrics come in a wide variety of textures, light filtering, patterns and designs. The current range also includes metallics and fabrics with a bit of sparkle.

There’s also dinosaurs!

Take a look at these lovely fabrics yourself by dropping into one of our offices. Or give us a call and we will come to you.

Thank You!

This month’s post is a little different. Here at Advantage we try to keep customer service as our top priority. It doesn’t always pan out as we plan, but it is always lovely when our customers notice the extra effort we try to put in.

The other day, this email arrived:

I visited your company with one of the older ladies that I help yesterday; Friday 12 July. It was about 4.00pm and she had a cord-operated blind that would roll down but refused to roll up. Our expectation was that she would be without the blind for about a week and that it might be costly.

Your staff, the receptionist, another more senior female staff member and a very knowledgeable male who joined in were fabulous. They shared a great sense of humour with a thoroughly professional understanding of the problem and how to fix it.

They quickly ascertained that the blind was not one yours, but none-the-less set to work identifying the fault and installing the part that would remedy the problem. We were amazed that within 15 minutes they had completed the task and fixed the blind.

Not only that but they gave me sufficient instruction in how to fit the blind at Judy’s home.

The whole experience was absolutely delightful and to Judy’s amazement it was also inexpensive. It made me very proud to have recommended you and your company. You have some very lovely and committed staff.

Just like my electric blinds they work beautifully.

Bundaberg 4670

Thank you so much for your kind words Mike. It really made the day of everyone in the office!

Super Times At Super Expo 2019!

Earlier this month the Super Expo was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Held every three years, the expo brings together blind and awning industry to showcase the latest innovations and products.

Some of the Advantage Team were able to head to the Gold Coast to check it out.

Highlights included the Veri Shade display, seeing the new Louvolite range of internal blind fabrics, and the folding arm awning with lighting strips. What a great way to light up a patio area!

Here are some of the photos we took while there.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the new Louvolite fabric range. As soon as we get our sample books we will launch the range. Some of the fabrics are simply stunning!

Bundaberg Vertical Special

Our Bundaberg Branch is having a Vertical Blind Sale!

Limited Time Only

This sale will be available only while fabrics stocks last.

This amazing price of $60 per lineal metre applies to 4 great colours with light filtering and blockout option available. So if your window is one metre wide, your vertical drape will cost only $60 including installation and GST.

So hurry and arrange a free measure and quote by calling our Bundaberg Office on 4153 3322 today!

For more details, take a look at this ad that has been running in the Newsmail recently.

Featured Product – Concertina Doors

Concertina Doors are a useful product for zoning off areas of your home, from blocking the view of the laundry or the kids messy playroom, to keeping the air conditioning from escaping into the hall.

Concertina Folding Doors combine elegant good looks with exceptional space saving benefits.

Concertina Doors are made to a high standard with each door individually made to your specifications. The vinyl material is backed with a cloth mesh fabric giving the door greater strength and flexibility. A unique double track system makes the door smooth and quiet in use, and all doors come complete with matching pelmets and hold-back straps.

Concertina Doors can be made for doorways up to a height of 3m high and almost any width. We can make your door as a single door, a bi-parting pair or even as a double end-post door, opening at both ends.

Concertina Doors are ideal for creating space and making the best use of available areas. Save on your energy bills too by closing off little used areas to conserve heating or cooling.

Concertina Doors come in a range of attractive and versatile neutrals, to best match your interior design.

Currently, Concertina Doors are only available from our Bundaberg Branch. If you live outside the Bundaberg area, please contact our office on 07 4153 3322 and we will help you find an alternate supplier.