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If it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not “Crim safe”!

Crimsafe allows you to keep or enhance your lifestyle. Because it is safe to leave regular doors and windows open, you can keep cool in summer and enjoy fresh air all year round without compromising your security.

Only Crimsafe use unique Screw-Clamps that secure the 0.9mm Tensile-Tuft 304 grade high tensile stainless steel security mesh to the frame with tamper resistant screws that go right through the mesh and into the frame, making it the strongest security available on the Australian market.

Special Features of Crimsafe Security:

  • The unique Screw-Clamp and hook technology transfers the force of an impact around the frame, so the mesh remains intact when force is applied.
  • Tamper proof stainless steel screws are driven through the clamp and mesh and into the frame
  • Visibility through Crimsafe mesh is unhindered and is a flyscreen as well as a security screen
  • All doors are tripled locked as standard and frames are available in a wide range of colours
  • Crimsafe has a 10 year warranty with the option of a 2 year extended warranty.