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Roller Blinds

roller-BannerSpecial features of our Roller Blinds include:


  • Chain control or spring operation
  • Selection of bottom finishes
  • A compact and streamlined design
  • A range of privacy fabrics (block-out and translucent)
  • A range of sunscreen fabrics
  • Optional motorisation
  • Easy removal of blind for cleaning
  • Ability to link multiple blinds together in order to minimize gaps, cover larger areas, and reduce number of controls
  • A cassette, or aluminium roller cover, is available in a range of colours


Roller Blinds are the modern version of the traditional Holland blind and are suited to all windows.  A block-out roller blind will darken a room as light can only filter around the blind, and not through the fabric.  Sunscreen blinds are specially designed to reduce glare but allow full view of the outside.

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