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Media Roller Blinds

Media Blinds are a version of roller blinds that were originally designed to create a blackout effect for the enhanced viewing quality of projectors or big screen televisions. Always using a blockout fabric, and with the top roller fully enclosed in a cassette, the sides of the blind run in channels to give greater light block and to stop any movement of the blind.

Media Blinds are also useful for shift workers who need a darkened room to sleep during the day and for a baby’s room to encourage day time sleeping.

Special Features of our Media Blinds include:

  • May be fitted inside the reveal or to the face of the window
  • Chain control or motorisation available
  • Cassette, channels and bottom rail available in anodised or a range of powdercoat fashion colours
  • Full range of blockout fabrics available to suit every style and décor allowing you to colour match or highlight a window