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Aluminium Awnings


Aluminium Awnings are designed to give external protection and are used to reduce the impact of weather. They are hard wearing and durable, offer a high resistance to corrosion and weathering and require minimal maintenance.

Fixed Canopy Awnings
These awnings consist of interlocking panels and concealed joins and can be made to any width with the option of posts or arms for support.

Bahama or horizontal panel is a simple awning but cannot have closed ends.

Kingston is a vertical panel style with a straight front edge and is totally waterproof.

Carribean is a vertical panel style with narrow/wide panel construction with a scalloped edge.

Special Features of our Aluminium Awnings.

  • Large variety of colours available to suit every home
  • Kingston and Carribean has option to have closed in ends
  • Minimal maintenance and durable

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